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Sequent Learning Networks is a global product management training and advisory services firm. We provide product management assessments, a targeted training curriculum, and advisory services for product management leaders and product teams.

Product and business leaders have turned to Sequent Learning Networks for almost two decades to guide them in what’s needed to improve their product organizations, and to fine-tune the skills of their product manager talent pool. We recognize that in order to excel at your career as a product manager, you’ll not only need access to the right tools, but you’ll also need a partner who can help guide you through those tools and help increase your product management acumen. 

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Meet Our Lead Instructors

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Steven Haines

Founder & CEO, Best Selling Author, Keynote Speaker

James Luizzi

Subject Matter Expert Passionate about Learning & Development

JJ Rorie

Product Management Executive, Trainer, & Speaker

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Product Managers and product leaders continually search for engaging resources to contribute to their knowledge and effectiveness. After all, who doesn’t want to be successful in their careers? Success this personal necessitates the kind of books that are accessible, helpful, and filled with tools and templates to contribute to the success you deserve. Steven Haines, Sequent’s founder understood this need. He devoted more than two decades to conduct research and establish performance benchmarks that identify what well-run companies do to achieve success with their people, products, and processes. Our portfolio of product management books offers you the ability to hone your craft with just-in-time templates, examples, and guidelines. These books are the perfect companion to our product management workshops.

What Our Alumni Have to Say

The material covered was well organized, thorough and very practical in terms of applying it to my product management role.
John Upton
From Dallas, TX
The virtual training gave me all of the key learnings and interactivity as an in-person workshop without the hassle. I really enjoyed the hands on nature of this workshop.
Gina Marcoglise
From New York, NY
As an accidental product manager, I knew I would benefit from this class. With use of the Product Manager's Survival Guide, I have been able to easily apply this workshop back to my role as a product manager.
Jackie Brownn
From San Diego, CA
The detailed examples and industry experiences that are shared in this product management workshop really make it unique. I am happy to have earned my Product Management Certification.
Charles Wong
From Chicago, IL

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