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Two On-Demand Workshops of Digestible Video Modules and Actionable Coursework

Derived from our instructor-led program, we help product managers and their teams optimize their build, launch, and manage better products in the marketplace in a unique online learning program.

Product Management Essentials
Product Strategy Essentials

Digestible Video Modules with
Actionable Coursework & Certification

About 5 hours of video content that will bring you through our best-in-class Product Management Life Cycle Framework that include videos, actionable coursework, quizzes and the Professional Product Management Certification exam.

The Role of a Product Manager

In this module, we discuss some key characteristics and traits that are necessary to becoming a successful product manager.

The Product Management Life Cycle

We discuss the framework of critical processes, work flows, and decision points used to manage a product across its entire life cycle.

Customer & Market Insights

In this module, we review the important activities used to uncover customer needs, assess the competitive landscape, and keep abreast of market dynamics.

Product Strategy

Your product’s strategy is a data-driven, market-focused guide of where you’ll go in the future. In this module, we discuss the framework for creating a successful long-term product strategy.

Product Planning

Product Planning explains the activities needed to assess and prioritize various opportunities, make important investment decisions, and ultimately define the product to best solve customer needs.

Product Introduction 

In this module, we discuss a product management team’s activities as it develops, tests, and launches a product.

Post-Launch Performance Management

In the final module of the Learning Program, we review how a product manager uses data and analytics to measure and support the product, how to strategically use the marketing mix to best position the product in the marketplace, and how to make important decisions for the product based on where it is in its life cycle.



Understanding Strategy

Improve your ability to think strategically while exploring the underlying theory and frameworks that provide the foundations of a successful product strategy.

Gathering Data & Analytics

Uncover critical data points and establish a baseline of historical and current data focused on the your customers, the market, and the competition. 

Design an internal retrospective focused on where you have been and where you are currently as a business.

Synthesis & Storytelling

Strategies are only as good as they are communicated. Turn your data and analytics into an easy to understand market story.

Learn to uncover unique and impactful opportunities from your current and historical data. 

Vision, Goals & Strategic Initiatives

Design a differentiated product vision of where you want your portfolio to be in the future. 

Build SMART goals that will help you achieve your product’s vision.

Create unique strategic initiatives that define the “how” to accomplish your goals and ultimately reach your future vision.

Implementation Of Strategic Initiatives

Utilize the marketing mix in order to put together a comprehensive implementation plan.


Understand the different types of product roadmaps and the impact they can have both internally and externally.

Create a long-term product roadmap that supports your strategy for the future. 

Investments, Returns & Metrics

Uncover the high-level costs and expected returns of implementing your strategic initiatives. 

Learn about dashboards and various metrics to help measure the progress of your strategic initiatives.

Build a Presentation

Easily communicate your product strategy to executives, colleagues and cross-functional teams with Sequent’s Product Strategy Presentation Template.





Online, On-Demand Product Management Training From Anywhere, At Any Time!

Our best-selling Product Management Essentials and Product Strategy Essentials workshops are designed by Product Management experts. With over 20 years of training experience, and three best-selling Product Management books, we understand the skills and the tools that you need to be successful in your role. 

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I was looking for training while I was working remote. This workshop was all-encompassing and powerful. 

Andrew Tom

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Online training presented by true professionals. I highly recommend this product management training.

Gina Loretta


This set me up for 2021. The strategy class helps you build your product strategy while you take the class. Highly recommend.

Sarah Wilcox

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Our Product Management Online Learning Program includes much more than a workshop. This program package includes:

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