Product Management Online Learning Program

Learn Product Management Online From the People Who Wrote the Book on Product Management.

Whether You Are New To Product Management or a Seasoned Professional...

    Sequent’s Online Learning Program will help you:​

    • Build, launch and manage better products in the marketplace
    • Learn new ways to uncover core customer and market needs
    • Pro-actively manage your product across its entire life cycle
    • Strengthen relationships with your cross-functional partners

Over 5 hours of Digestible Video Modules and Actionable Coursework

In this module, we discuss some key characteristics and traits that are necessary to becoming a successful product manager.

We discuss the framework of critical processes, work flows, and decision points used to manage a product across its entire life cycle.

In this module, we review the important activities used to uncover customer needs, assess the competitive landscape, and keep abreast of market dynamics.

Your product’s strategy is a data-driven, market-focused guide of where you’ll go in the future. In this module, we discuss the framework for creating a successful long-term product strategy.

Product Planning explains the activities needed to assess and prioritize various opportunities, make important investment decisions, and ultimately define the product to best solve customer needs.

In this module, we discuss a product management team’s activities as it develops, tests, and launches a product.

In the final module of the Learning Program, we review how a product manager uses data and analytics to measure and support the product, how to strategically use the marketing mix to best position the product in the marketplace, and how to make important decisions for the product based on where it is in its life cycle.

What's Included?

Our Product Management Online Learning Program includes much more than a workshop. This program package includes:

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With an all new program geared toward the constantly shifting product landscape, our online course lets you learn the fundamentals of product management anywhere and any time.

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"The detailed examples and industry experiences that are shared in this online workshop really make it unique. I am happy to have earned my Product Management Certification."
Anna Scarpo
Chicago, IL

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Online Learning Program is designed for both new product managers who need to learn the fundamentals and also those more seasoned product managers who just need to brush up on their skills.

We offer group discounts for multiple people from the same organization. Please contact us to learn more. 

Yes! We offer team options for organizations. Please contact a Sequent facilitator to learn more. 

The Sequent Product Management Certification (SPMC) covers topics like lifecycle management, customer and market insights, product development methods, post-launch product management and more.

How to Earn Your Certification:

  • Complete the Online Learning Program. 
  • Take The Test. 
  • After you’ve completed the Online Learning Program, you will be given digital access to take the SPMC test. This allows you to measure what you learned and what you’ve applied on-the-job before taking the test. The test consists of both multiple-choice questions and short-answer questions.
  • Promote. Passing the SPMC exam is a great accomplishment. Share the news and be sure to add your certification to your LinkedIn profile
  • They are both great options, and it really comes down to your preferred learning style and timing. The Online Learning Program is more than just an one-and-done online course. Just like the in-person workshop, it includes a journey across the entire product management life cycle, a copy of The Product Manager’s Survival Guide book, a post-program workbook, access to templates, and access to the Sequent Product Management Certification. The Online Learning Program can be completed at your own pace at any time convenient for you.
  • The in-person workshop takes place over two days at specific cities around the world and provides more personal interaction with the Sequent facilitator and other workshop participants. This version of the workshop is team-based and exercise driven.   
  • Some people prefer online learning and go-at-your-own-pace programs. Others prefer personal interaction and dedicated, predetermined learning time. Both options offer a tremendous learning experience. If you’d like to talk more about the workshop options, please contact us

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