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Brush Up On Your Product Management Skills with Our Specialized Mini-Classes and Template Tutorials

Our library of product management template tutorials and mini-classes are built on proven practices to help product managers work efficiently, engage their teams, and earn empowerment.

Our Full Library Includes:

8 Bite-sized online, self-paced mini-classes that can help you dive deeper into the topics that we coach product managers on regularly. Each mini-class provides a short step-by-step video module to cover the fundamentals and the "how-to" followed by a digital template that is ready for you to implement.

A Downloadable Template

A Ready-to-use digital template will help guide you through the Product Strategy process.

A Recorded Video Tutorial

The 10-15 minute video tutorial will guide you step-by-step as you work to complete the template.

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mini-classes for just $89!


Value Proposition and Positioning Mini-Class
Answer the 4 essential questions that are vital to the creation of proper value propositions and product positioning statements.
10-Step Marketing Plan Mini-Class
Designed to help you generate a marketing plan for new products or for product enhancements, as it serves to map the product’s pathway to the market.
Product Strategy Mini-Class
The basic steps in the formulation of a strategy for your product or product line while using an organized guide to accompany the class.
10-Step Business Case Mini-Class
Provides a baseline understanding of and to summarize the basic steps in the creation of a Business Case for your product or product opportunity.
9-Step Product Discontinuation Plan Mini-Class
Recognize those market signals and guide you through the product discontinuation and market withdrawal process.
Assessing Customer Needs - Visit, Planning & Interviewing
Guiding you through the assessment of customers needs to including visiting, planning, and interviewing.
Opportunity Statement Mini-Class
Helping you to use opportunity statements to assess ideas for new products, line extensions, feature enhancements, product derivatives, and new market entries.
Prioritization and Decision Making Mini-Class
Learn the logic associated with fact-based decisions so that you can more effectively prioritize features, opportunities and other items.

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