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Derived from our instructor-led program, we help product managers and their teams optimize their build, launch, and manage better products in the marketplace in a unique online learning program.

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With new content and expert advice, this updated edition of The Product Manager’s Survival Guide brings you fully up to date on what you need to succeed as a product manager. 

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Learn the importance of time management in product management, how to identify time spend based on the product management life cycle model and ultimately gain tools that will help optimize your role in product management.

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Whether You Are New To Product Management or a Seasoned Professional...

    Sequent’s Online Learning Program will help you:​

    • Build, launch and manage better products in the marketplace
    • Learn new ways to uncover core customer and market needs
    • Pro-actively manage your product across its entire life cycle
    • Strengthen relationships with your cross-functional partners

Over 5 hours of Digestible Video Modules and Actionable Coursework

In this module, we discuss some key characteristics and traits that are necessary to becoming a successful product manager.

We discuss the framework of critical processes, work flows, and decision points used to manage a product across its entire life cycle.

In this module, we review the important activities used to uncover customer needs, assess the competitive landscape, and keep abreast of market dynamics.

Your product’s strategy is a data-driven, market-focused guide of where you’ll go in the future. In this module, we discuss the framework for creating a successful long-term product strategy.

Product Planning explains the activities needed to assess and prioritize various opportunities, make important investment decisions, and ultimately define the product to best solve customer needs.

In this module, we discuss a product management team’s activities as it develops, tests, and launches a product.

In the final module of the Learning Program, we review how a product manager uses data and analytics to measure and support the product, how to strategically use the marketing mix to best position the product in the marketplace, and how to make important decisions for the product based on where it is in its life cycle.

What's Included?

Our Product Management Online Learning Program includes much more than a workshop. This program package includes:

author of the product manager's survival guide, 2e

About Steven Haines

Steven Haines is the Founder and CEO of Sequent Learning Networks, the author of several bestselling business books, and an energetic public speaker. His ideas and books continue to shape how leading companies organize to produce category defining products and highly performing business people.

Steven Haines

Steven Haines

- Founder, Author & Mentor

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Advance in your product management career and create innovative products that customers love!  The Product Manager’s Survival Guide, 2e by Steven Haines is also available for purchase.