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Customer Centricity: The Next Frontier

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Learn the importance of customer-centricity in product management, how to create a more customer-centric product organization, and ultimately how to connect the money to the market.

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Key Takeaways:

In this webinar, Steven Haines will discuss:

Sometimes customers can't identify what it is that they really need. Our job in product is to develop a sixth-sense for customers so that we can excel and get ahead.

Steven Haines

author of the product manager's survival guide, 2e

About Steven Haines

Steven Haines is the Founder and CEO of Sequent Learning Networks, the author of several bestselling business books, and an energetic public speaker. His ideas and books continue to shape how leading companies organize to produce category defining products and highly performing business people.

Steven Haines

Steven Haines

- Founder, Author & Mentor

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