Leading Product Management

A second edition of the book Managing Product Management

By Steven Haines

Learn How to Create a High-Performance Product Management Organization

Every corporate executive wants their company to achieve the market agility needed to outperform and deliver stellar results.  If you’d like to transform your company into a market-leading powerhouse, a sharply defined, easily understood, and widely endorsed function of product management is required.  In fact, product management provides the pathway to the ultimate corporate transformation.

Leading Product Management by Steven Haines is designed as a reference guide to help senior executives and product leaders to organize more effectively around product management. The book provides readers with a blueprint to create a durable, sustainable product management structure that will stand the test of time.

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In Leading Product Management, Eleven Chapters Are Organized As Follows:

Meet The Author, Steven Haines

Globally recognized expert in product management and business acumen

Steven Haines is a world-renowned author, speaker, and thought leader in the areas of product management and business acumen. As the founder of Sequent Learning Networks (sequentlearning.com) and the Business Acumen Institute (business-acumen.com), he has trained tens of thousands of people who work in product management and other functions. His industry-defining work has contributed to the transformation of mindsets, methods, and corporate competitiveness.

Steven's books include:

What Our Readers Have Said

Are you a product leader? This book is a great read and comes highly recommended. A wonderful guide for leaders of product managers. Excellent insight and guidance.
Chief Product Officer
This book provides exceptional insight and detail on how to build and sustain an outstanding product management organization.
Director of Product Management
From practial experience, the information is "spot on" with regards to what is required to make this vital aspect of one's company truly successful.
Head of Product Strategy

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