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We Wrote the Book on Product Management

Our portfolio of product management books offers you the ability to hone your craft with just-in-time templates, examples, and guidelines. These books are the perfect companion to our product management workshops.


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Online Training Based on the Book

Elevate your product management skills with Sequent's Online, On-Demand Implementing and Managing Product Management Course.

Meet The Author,
Steven Haines

Globally recognized expert in product management and business acumen

Steven Haines is the Founder & CEO of Sequent Learning Networks, the author of several bestselling business books, and an energetic public speaker. His ideas and books continue to shape how leading companies organize to produce category defining products and highly performing business people.

Steven's books include:

This book will help you understand what product management is and how you lead teams of product managers. Follow the experienced lessons learned by Steve and you will be successful leading your business. A must-read for any product manager that leads others or is an individual contributor.
Matthew Moore

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