Take the Certification Test


You are now fully prepared to take the certification exam. Once completed and passed you will receive your certification, which you can feel free to post on LinkedIn, your resume, or wherever you choose.

Here are some details you will need to be aware of prior to beginning, PLEASE READ BELOW:

  • You will be asked 30 randomized questions based on the program you have completed
  • You will require a score of 70% to pass the exam and become certified
  • There is no time limit to the exam so we recommend you reference your program modules when needed.
  • Questions will be displayed 5 per page and you may go BACK or FORWARD with the buttons on the bottom of the screen
  • You may SKIP questions and revisit it at any time within the same testing session
  • You will see a grid at the top of the screen displaying completed and uncompleted questions
  • All questions must be answered prior to submitting your exam for scoring
  • You must take the test in one sitting, there is no feature to stop and save your work.
  • You can start taking this test by proceeding below

Good Luck! Sequent Learning Team