How to Create a Winning Strategy Book – Complimentary


The Product Manager’s Survival Guide, Second Edition features brand new material, including:

• A product management acumen assessmenta

Leading Product Management

How to Create a High-Performance Product Management Organization


A second edition of the book Managing Product Management by Steven Haines

Every corporate executive wants to their company achieve the market agility needed to outperform and deliver stellar results.  If you’d like to transform your company into a market leading powerhouse, a sharply defined, easily understood, and widely endorsed function of product management is required.   In fact, product management provides the pathway to the ultimate corporate transformation.

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How to Create a Winning Strategy

By Steven Haines

To create a link from now to the future, emerging leaders and managers need to create or fine-tune goals and strategies. This “what to do and why” is of critical importance. After all, business leaders have invested greatly in capabilities to bring about innovation and creativity. Yet these pursuits won’t result in anything concrete if you don’t understand what’s needed to formulate and carry out a strategy.

There are so many books and resources on strategy and strategic planning that you can wind up feeling confused and overwhelmed. However, this book is different. It’s written for businesspeople who are managers or leaders in complex organizations who can benefit from a simple, easy-to-understand resource on strategy formulation and strategic thinking.
Regardless of your level or the business function in which you work, this book will help you to

  1. Understand the foundation of strategy and strategic planning, and how strategy is about making choices and decisions on how to best win in chosen markets.
  2. Learn the process of strategy formulation so that you can create a consistent approach to organizing data, thinking about trends and developments inside and outside your business, and building a collaborative team.
  3. Put a strategy formulation process into perspective with useful templates and guidelines so that you can create a strategic plan.
  4. Create a pathway to the future paved with a vivid vision, solid initiatives and implementable action plans.
  5. Cultivate the required mindset to think strategically in a business world that is dynamic and often unpredictable.

For managers and leaders who work in complex companies, this book serves as a guideline and a template for establishing a consistent model to help formulate strategies and to execute on key initiatives. It also provides a backdrop for business leaders to align around common goals while considering the scarcity of resources. Unlike other books, this one is different. It’s brief and to the point and written in an easy to understand tone so that you can effectively utilize your time on the tasks at hand; creating a winning strategy!