Product Life Cycle Management


The course is organized into 9 modules.  Each module is made up of a video and a series of exercises that are carried out in a unique downloadable workbook. As a point of reference, this course leverages the Product Management Life Cycle Model, as well as Chapter 10 from The Product Manager’s Survival Guide (2nd edition).

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For product managers who are responsible for the optimization of current products, a continuous stream of data and an ongoing analysis of the product’s business is required. Why?  Because product managers and their teams should always be searching for opportunities to optimize revenue, profit, and market share.

Based on Sequent’s comprehensive Product Life Cycle Optimization workshop, this online self-paced course is geared to:

  • Help product managers and their teams to understand what’s required to “optimize the business” of current products
  • Contribute to better decisions through data-driven analyses
  • Inspire the strategic mindset needed to vigorously compete in chosen markets

During this course, you will be:

  • Assessing the markets where your product is currently sold
  • Evaluating your organization’s ability to support or sustain your product
  • Producing reports and insights that inform you and your team about the product’s business
  • Steering your product into the future